Migration Watch—Dingle Marshes, Shore Pools and Westwood Marsh

Sunday 5th November (Book place with Kathy)

DIngle Marshes

DIngle Marshes

Bird migration wise, November is a most unpredictable month. For example, who would have thought that in November 2016 Suffolk would play host to two trans-Atlantic migrants in the form of American Cliff Swallow and Forster’s Tern?  Dingle Marshes is one of the few places in Suffolk where you can have a near wilderness experience and a walk along the shore pools can be very rewarding. Wintering flocks of Twite should have returned from their upland Pennine nesting grounds and Snow Buntings and Shore Larks could be on show. In recent years, the marshes have attracted three species of egrets: Great, Little and Cattle. The area is always good for raptors with Marsh and Hen Harriers being regular visitors and perhaps a Merlin or even a Short-eared Owl?

Leaders: Steve Howell and Roger Walsh
Meet: Dunwich Beach Car Park

Photo: John Bugg / CC-BY-NC-2