Role of the Ringing Secretary

The Ringing Secretary is responsible for the Group’s most important task and acts as the principal contact with BTO Ringing Unit. He/she is responsible for the swift transfer of data from the Group’s Ringers to the BTO via the IPMR system, organises the ringing sessions, liaiseswith the coordinator regarding our presence and/or any landowner complications and forwardsthe day’s ringing report to all interested parties.

Once keyed into IPMR, ringing statistics gathered during the day will be e-mailed to each of those attending the ringing session.

Role of the Ring Coordinator/Ringing Diary

The Ringing Coordinator will produce a long-term (perhaps quarterly) plan showing when and where ringing activities are likely to take place. Ringing events and ringer’s availability will be noted in an electronic diary, made available through the WBC website and updated every three months. The diary will give the proposed location, start time and duration of each event. The Group will endeavour to ring on a weekly basis and ringers should register their interest in the diary. Please note that weather conditions and other factors may force the cancellation of ringing sessions at short notice. Only those registered will be notified of cancellations or other changes to the event.

Ringing sessions will generally start before dawn and attendees are expected to be present to help with setting up. An alarm clock may therefore be an important part of a Ringer’s equipment. The times of the ringing sessions will be given in advance and, if attendees are unable to stay for the whole session, then availability should be agreed with the Ringing Coordinator. Ringing sessions will not take place if there are insufficient personnel to manage the site safely. If catching conditions are good, some may wish to extend the ringing session beyond the cut-off time. This can take place provided there’s sufficient coverage and at least one senior ‘C’ Ringer is present to take charge. Those remaining would be responsible for the dismantling of all nets and equipment and returning these to the Ringing Coordinator or delegated person. If attendees are unavoidably delayed in getting to site at the prescribed time or need to cancel attendance at short notice then the Ringer in Charge for that session should be contacted who should in turn confirm that he/she has received your message. The principal contact between the ringing personnel will be by e-mail or text.

The Role of the Site Coordinator

The Site Coordinator maintains contact with the landowner and agrees ringing dates, net positions and all aspects regarding club activities at that site. No one is allowed to ring at any site without the Coordinator’s agreement.

WBC Projects

The Project Officer is responsible for the safe-keeping of project equipment and rings. Project equipment and rings should be collected from the Project Officer if he/she is absent from the ringing session. All rings, equipment and the ringing notebook must be returned to the Project Officer after the session is completed. The Project Officer is responsible for the swift transfer of ringing data from the ringing notebook to the Ringing Secretary so that this can be inputted into IPMR.

Steve Piotrowski
Senior Trainer and Ringer in Charge

WBC Registered Project Sites

SiteLandownerTarget SpeciesCoordinatorComments
Lodge Farm, WesthorpeE.J.BarkerYellowhammerPatrick Barker
Kiln Farm, Gt AshfieldE.J.BarkerYellowhammerPatrick Barker
StustonLinnetIan Archer
BraiseworthRedwingStephen Flory
WeybreadCommon TernRoger Walsh
BarshamB. SucklingYellowhammerSteve Piotrowski
FlixtonG. SayerTree SparrowSteve Piotrowski
BedfieldTree SparrowChris McIntyre
CarltonSWTReed BuntingSteve Piotrowski
MinsmereRSPBAllSteve PiotrowskiPR events only