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Chairman's Newsletter - August 2020 

Yesterday, squadrons of screaming swifts were saying their last goodbyes to the residents of Bungay as they make their return to equatorial Africa. Today the skies are silent. Traditionally, the evening of August 2 nd signals their departure from Bungay and it looks like
2020 is to be no exception.

“Yea, the stork in the heavens knoweth her appointed times; and the turtledove, and the crane, and the swallow, observe the time of their coming" Jeremiah (8:7)

As a child, after being dragged to church three times each Sunday by mum, it’s surprising what I’ve remembered. However, as a chorister at St Mary-le-Tower Church in Ipswich, during my adolescent years, we found Ezekiel Chapter 23 far more interesting (how many of you are going to look that one up?). The reference to birds just goes to show that there was some understanding of bird migration even in biblical times! And there’s also:

"Doth the hawk fly by Thy wisdom and stretch her wings toward the south?" The Book of Job (39:26)

And Paddy Shaw has added a verse he read in his Bible:
‘If it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck – chances are, it’s a duck’ St. Alphonso’s Epistle to the Scousers, 4:11

Summer is hardly over, but autumn migration is well underway for our feathered friends. Several Wood Warblers and Nightingales have been noted at migration watch-points and the passage of Willow, Reed and Sedge Warblers is about to reach its peak. It is looking like 2020 is going to be one of the best summers of recent times for Crossbills with regular sightings on the coast and inland localities. Waders are usually the first to return from their arctic nesting grounds so, those that fail, swiftly return to more southern climes. Green and Wood Sandpipers, Spotted Redshanks, Greenshanks and Ruff are all now prominent at coastal wetlands.

The Committee is quite relieved that we manage to get through the business at our AGM almost without a hitch. However, it wasn’t all plain sailing and one of the omissions was Jane Watkin’s Membership Secretary Report. She has informed us that our membership stands at 118 and was keen to acknowledge some very generous contributions towards the “Access for All Path” at Minsmere. As previously stated, the project has been delayed due to Covid 19, but we will be back on track as soon as RSPB Minsmere is up and running at full capacity. As your Chairman, I have taken the liberty of adding Jane’s report to our AGM minutes, a copy of which will be posted on our webpages shortly.

The first of our medium-range field events will take place next month on the weekend of September 11 th -13 th when we will visit Frampton Marshes in Lincolnshire. The event is limited to six members plus leaders, so is full. However, you may put your name down on the reserve list if you so wish. I’ll post an update on our return

Steve Piotrowski
3rd August 2020


Please read these notes that relate to the new arrangements in response to Covid 19:

Indoor events/talks will be reviewed nearer the time.

All events are to be booked in advance with Helen Gooderham.  There will be two Leaders on each outdoor event with a maximum of five in each group (6 including the Leader), taking differing routes where feasible - separated where not.  Radios will be used to keep in contact and report notable sightings.  Should more than 10 people apply to join a walk then they will be notified that they are on a waiting list.  The Club will endeavour to organise a third leader.  A register of those attending on the day will be kept by HG.

Any Club member turning up on the day without having made a booking with HG will not be able join the event.

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