Lockdown Newsletter 2

Hello everyone,

How are we all doing?:  This is especially to those who have been shielded for nearly 12 weeks now, a time when we truly mean – how are you?   And when do you feel it’ll feel safe for you to start venturing out birdwatching once again?  We miss you and the banter we all share!

Of course technology has come to the rescue for many at this time as we were able to text, share video calls or photos of what we have seen from our homes.  We feel that the most important outcome is the increased value of what we see in or from our gardens and the wildlife that inhabit our local area?  It has all been priceless and we think mentally consoling for everybody. Next week, we are allowed to form a bubble that will permit those from a single household to visit and even stay with a loved one that may have become lonely during this period of isolation.

We won’t name names, but we know that this virus has touched some of us more personally than others and hope that your families are slowly healing from these horrible events.  Please let’s not stop being there for each other as this virus has shown us all that life is precious and we need to be kind to one another.



Please note: all WBC indoor & outdoor events are cancelled due to current health guidelines.

We are sorry to take this step but it was inevitable in the current situation. We hope you all stay well & look forward to seeing you all again when this difficult time has passed.

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