WBC Sightings

1 June – 30 June

Reports of Purple Herons featured at the beginning and at the end of this months sightings, on the 5th a first summer was seen at Carlton marshes and an adult was seen further down the coast at Walberswick, the latter bird bird being seen infrequently until the 9th, a probable was also reported at Minsmere on the 6th. At the end of the month a first summer Purple Heron was reported daily at Minsmere 24th-29th, on the 4th six Common Cranes flew west over Reydon and on the 6th at the same location three White Storks were reported flying north. On the 5th a first summer male Red-footed Falcon was discovered at Westwood marshes Walberswick and remained until the 7th, an Osprey flew south over Dunwich on the 4th and a Honey Buzzard flew north at Minsmere on the 13th. A Collared Pratincole tracked north over Minsmere and Southwold before settling to spend the day at Peto’s marsh at Carlton marshes on the 12th, at the end of the month a Red-necked Phalarope spent the day at Minsmere on the 30th where two days before 13 Spotted Redshanks were counted. Roseate Tern was another species which featured heavily in this months reports starting off with a single bird at Minsmere on the 7th, numbers fluctuated throughout the month peaking at an amazing total of five together on the 25th. There was also a scattering of reports of Arctic Terns, mainly at Minsmere, throughout the month where a Black Tern was also present on the 25th. A first summer Caspian Gull on the scrape at Minsmere was this months only notable gull report. Two European Bee-eaters flew north over Aldeburgh 12th, the next day on the 13th a flock of 9 European Bee-eaters flew south-west over Carlton marshes, a few days later what was obviously the same flock of nine birds was discovered at Great Yarmouth where they entertained many admirers on the 21st-22nd. A male Red-backed Shrike spent the day in an area between Dunwich and Westleton on the 5th and a Golden Oriole flew north over Minsmere the same day. A Rose-coloured Starling was a nice find in the Common Starling roost at Hamilton dock Lowestoft on the 10th, sadly it was a one off and was not subsequently seen despite searching. Finally a singing male Common Rosefinch was briefly present at Southwold boating lake on the 7th.