WBC Sightings

13 to 19 April 2014

The long-staying Dusky Warbler at Oulton Marshes was last seen on 17 April. Notable passerine migrants included a male Ring Ouzel at Oulton Marshes, a Wheatear atCastle Marsh, North Cove and two White Wagtails at Flixton GP, 13 April, while the first Whitethroat (Oulton Marshes, 13 April), Nightingale (three singing males by the electricity substation at Barsham, 14 April), Garden Warbler (Beccles Marshes, 15 April) and Reed Warbler (Sprat’s Water, Carlton Colville, 17 April) were all recorded during the week. A male Stonechat was noted at Castle Marsh, 13 April and Cetti’s Warblers were recorded at Barsham Marshes (three) and Beccles Marshes (six), 15 April, along the riverbank between Beccles and Dunburgh (five), 17 April and Carlton Marshes, 19 April.

The first Whimbrel of the spring were seen at Beccles Marshes (six), 15 April and Castle Marsh (eight), 19 April, while other notable waders included single Greenshank at Oulton Marshes, 17 April and Outney Common, Bungay, 19 April, two Green Sandpipers at Flixton GP, 13 April and Redshanks at Carlton Marshes, 13 April and Beccles Marshes (two), 15 April. Three Little Egrets were noted at Carlton Marshes, 13 April.

Finally, Short-eared Owls were seen at Chedgrave Marshes (three), 15 April and Thorpe Marshes, Haddiscoe (three), 16 and 19 April.