WBC Sightings

13 to 19 December 2015

Two Bearded Tits were seen at Carlton Marshes, 14 December, two Chiffchaffs at Beccles, 16 December, a Grey Wagtail at Flixton GP, 17 December and another Grey Wagtail together with a Kingfisher at Worlingham Marshes, 19 December.

A Marsh Harrier was noted at Carlton Marshes, 13 December and three Buzzards at Worlingham Marshes, 19 December, while Barn Owls were reported from Carlton Marshes and Somerleyton, 13 December, Ditchingham, 14 December and Beccles Marshes, 15 December.

Wildfowl included 600 Pink-footed Geese at Oulton Marshes, 13 December, 185 Mute Swans and 388 Greylag Geese at Flixton GP, 17 December and 140 Mute Swans at Castle Marsh, North Cove, 19 December. Little Egrets were present at Carlton Marshes (two), 13 December, Beccles Common, 14 December, Redgrave Fen, 17 December and Castle Marsh (three), 19 December.

Finally, waders included a count of 45 Snipe at Carlton Marshes and two Redshanks at Castle Marsh, 13 December and five Woodcock at Worlingham Marshes, 19 December.

Photo of Bearded Tit © Jon Evans


Photo of Bearded Tit © Jon Evans