WBC Sightings

18 to 24 November 2018

The long-staying adult Cattle Egret at Carlton Marshes was present throughout the week and was joined by two additional birds on 24 November. A Great White Egret was seen at Burgh Castle, 23 November and three Little Egrets were noted at the same site on 18 November. A Bittern was recorded at Fritton Marshes, 23 November.

Two Rough-legged Buzzards were seen at Haddiscoe Island, 23 November. Other raptors recorded at Haddiscoe Island during the week included a Merlin, three Marsh Harriers, four Short-eared Owls and a Barn Owl, 21 November and a Peregrine, 24 November. A male Hen Harrier was seen at Burgh Castle, 18 November and a ringtail at Carlton Marshes, 24 November, while single Marsh Harriers were noted at Carlton Marshes, 18 November and Somerleyton Marshes, 19 November.

Last week’s Slavonian Grebe was seen again at Breydon Water off Burgh Castle from 22 November onwards.

A Jack Snipe was recorded at Carlton Marshes, 19 November, with two Woodcock, a Dunlin and two Redshanks present at the same site on 23 November. Waders at Haddiscoe Island on 18 November included 250 Golden Plovers, 17 Curlews and 40 Dunlin, with 20 Black-tailed Godwits, 40 Curlews and 10 Redshanks recorded at Burgh Castle on the same day. Two Black-tailed Godwits were noted at Herringfleet Marshes, 21 November and a count of 2000 Lapwings was made at Oulton Marshes, 23 November.

A flock of 35 White-fronted Geese was present at Burgh Castle Marshes, 24 November, while Pink-footed Geese were noted at Wheatacre Marshes (1100), 19 November and Herringfleet Marshes (170), 21 November. A single Goosander was seen on the river at Fritton, 23 November.

Three Crossbills were seen at Waveney Forest, Fritton and a Water Pipit, Carlton Marshes, 23 November. A Bearded Tit was noted at Haddiscoe Island, 18 November and a Grey Wagtail at Beccles Common, 21 November, while Chiffchaffs were recorded at Carlton Marshes (two), 19 November and Waveney Forest, 23 November.

Cattle Egret 16