WBC Sightings

20 to 26 May 2018

Single Ospreys flew north over Carlton Marshes on 21 and 25 May. Red Kites were noted at Carlton Colville, 20 May and Oulton, 21 May, Hobbies at Barnby, 21 May and Carlton Marshes (two), 26 May and a Barn Owl at Carlton Marshes, 21 May.

Two Yellow Wagtails were seen at Carlton Marshes, 24 May. Grasshopper Warblers were recorded at Carlton Marshes (three) and Lopham Fen, 26 May; Cettiā€™s Warblers at North Cove Marshes, 20 May and Carlton Marshes (two), 22 May and Cuckoos at North Cove Marshes, 20 May, Redgrave Fen and Worlingham Marshes, 21 May, Beccles Marshes, 22 May and Carlton Marshes (three), Lopham Fen and Somerleyton, 26 May.

Waders at Carlton Marshes included a Black-tailed Godwit and a Ringed Plover, 24 May, a Redshank, 25 May and a Common Sandpiper, 26 May, while two Redshanks were noted at Worlingham Marshes, 21 May.

Finally, Little Egrets were recorded at Herringfleet Marshes (two), 23 May and Carlton Marshes, 25 May.


Osprey 6