WBC Sightings

22 to 28 December 2013

The Glossy Ibis remained at Oulton Marshes throughout the week. Whooper Swans were seen flying over Castle Marsh, North Cove (ten) and Oulton Marshes (six), 26 December, and a count of 49 Mute Swans was made at Carlton Marshes, 28 December. Single Little Egrets were noted at Oulton Marshes, 25 December, and Haddiscoe Island (three), Belton Marshes and Carlton Marshes, 28 December.

The two Rough-legged Buzzards were present at Haddiscoe Island all week, and were joined by a Peregrine and a Marsh Harrier, 28 December, while a male Hen Harrier seen at Peto’s Marsh, Carlton Colville, 28 December. Barn Owls were recorded at Beccles Marshes, 26 December, and Haddiscoe Island, 28 December.

Waders at Burgh Castle Flats on 22 December included 30 Redshanks and four Curlews while a flock of 500 Lapwings flew overhead, and a Woodcock was noted at Nebb Wood, Flixton, 26 December. Wigeon numbers had increased to 220 at Oulton Marshes, 24 December.

Notable passerines included two Bearded Tits at Burgh Castle and two Cetti’s Warblers at Oulton Marshes, 22 December, a Chiffchaff at Oulton Marshes, 25 December, six Lesser Redpolls at Barsham Marshes, 26 December, and three Bearded Tits and a flock of 23 Crossbills at Waveney Forest, Fritton, 28 December.