WBC Sightings

23 to 29 March 2014

The Dusky Warbler found at Oulton Marshes last week stayed throughout. A White Wagtail was present at Carlton Marshes, 23 March and a Common Crossbill was seen at Waveney Forest, Fritton, 28 March. There was a small influx of Blackcaps on 29 March, with four at Westhorpe and singles at Outney Common, Bungay and Fisher Row, Oulton. A Bearded Tit was noted at Oulton Marshes, 23 March, while Cetti’s Warblers were recorded at Burgh Castle, 24 March, Beccles Marshes, 25 March, Carlton Marshes (two), 26 March and Oulton Marshes (two), 28 March and Kingfishers at Oulton Marshes, 23 March and Beccles Marshes, 25 March.

The pair of Garganey at Carlton Marshes remained throughout the week. Little Egrets were noted at Belton Marshes, 23 March, Oulton Marshes, 26 March and Carlton Marshes (four) and Fritton Marshes, 28 March.

The two wintering Rough-legged Buzzards at Haddiscoe Island were present all week, while Carlton Marshes hosted a male Hen Harrier, 23 March and a female Peregrine, 28 March. Barn Owls were noted at Oulton Marshes, 26 March and Thorpe-next-Haddiscoe, 27 March.

Waders at Burgh Castle Flats included 42 Black-tailed Godwits and 50 Curlews, 24 March and two Spotted Redshanks and 313 Common Redshanks, 29 March. Elsewhere, a Common Redshank was present at Belton Marshes, 23 March, three Common Redshanks at Carlton Marshes, 26 March, a Green Sandpiper and 14 Snipe at Oulton Marshes, 26 March, two Avocets at Carlton Marshes, 27 March and four Curlews at Fritton Marshes, 28 March.