WBC Sightings

24 to 30 July 2016

Single Hobbies were seen at Carlton Marshes, 29 July and Lopham Fen the following day. Three Buzzards were noted at St Olaves, 28 July, while Barn Owls were reported from Carlton Marshes, 26 July and Lopham Fen (two), 30 July.

Carlton Marshes hosted three Black-tailed Godwits, 29 July and a Wood Sandpiper, a Green Sandpiper, six Snipe and a Redshank, 30 July, with a further Snipe seen at Lopham Fen, 26 July. Little Egrets were present at Lopham Fen (two), 24 July and Carlton Marshes (14), 29 July.

A Bearded Tit was noted at Lopham Fen, 24 July and Kingfishers were seen at Carlton Marshes and Redgrave Fen, 25 July and Worlingham Marshes, 26 July.

Finally, a White-fronted Goose with a damaged wing was present at Burgh Castle, 26 July.

Photo of Hobby © DepositPhoto/mikelane45


Photo of Hobby © DepositPhoto/mikelane45