WBC Sightings

5 to 11 April 2015

Two Cranes flew south-west over Carlton Marshes, 11 April, while Little Egrets were noted at Carlton Marshes (five) and Burgh Marshes, Burgh St Peter (two), 5 April, Lopham Fen (three), 6 April and Haddiscoe Island (six), Herringfleet Marshes (four), Oulton Marshes (two) and Beccles Marshes (two), 11 April. The wandering White Stork was seen flying over Homersfield, 8 April.

Lingering signs of winter included two Waxwings, which flew east over the junction of Ashburnham Way and Long Meadow Walk, Carlton Colville, 5 April and a Brambling at nearby Carlton Marshes, 6 April, while spring was represented by four White Wagtails at Carlton Marshes, 5 April and a Wheatear at Somerleyton, 11 April. The first House Martin (three at Weybread GP, 10 April), Sedge Warbler (at Carlton Marshes, 11 April) and Willow Warbler (three at Carlton Marshes, 11 April) were also recorded. Bearded Tits were noted at Wheatacre Marshes, 5 April and Herringfleet Marshes (two), 8 April; Cetti’s Warblers at Blundeston Marshes and Burgh Castle, 5 April, Carlton Marshes (six), Geldeston Marshes and Gillingham Marshes, 6 April, Beccles Marshes, 7 April, Herringfleet Marshes (two), 8 April and Oulton Marshes (nine), 9 April and Kingfishers at Weybread GP, 5 April, Carlton Marshes (three), 6 April, Beccles Quay (two), 7 April and Haddiscoe Island (two), 8 April.

A Rough-legged Buzzard and a Hen Harrier were seen at Haddiscoe Island, 8 April. A Red Kite flew over Oulton Marshes, 10 April, Peregrines were noted at Carlton Marshes (two), 7 April and Burgh Castle, 11 April and notable counts of Buzzards included four at Diss and Flixton GP and three at Somerleyton, 5 April and six at Ashby, 6 April. Short-eared Owls were hunting at Carlton Marshes, 6 April, Haddiscoe Island, 8 April and Oulton Marshes (two), 10 April, while Barn Owls were reported from Shotford Bridge Weybread, 5 April, Lopham Fen, 6 April, Beccles Marshes (two), 7 April, Gillingham Marshes, 9 April, Oulton Marshes (two), 10 April and Carlton Marshes, 11 April.

Waders at Carlton Marshes included two Redshanks, 5 April, a Little Ringed Plover, 6 April and three Green Sandpipers, 11 April. Further Redshanks were present at Thorpe Marshes, Haddiscoe (two), 5 April and Herringfleet Marshes (nine), 8 April and further Green Sandpipers at Flixton GP (three), 5 April and Haddiscoe Island, 8 April.

Photo of Crane © Shutterstock/Peter Gyure

Photo of Crane © Shutterstock/Peter Gyure