What is BirdTrack?

BirdTrack (a partnership between the BTO, the RSPB, Birdwatch Ireland, the Scottish Ornithologists’ Club and the Welsh Ornithological Society) is a project that looks at migration movements and distributions of birds throughout Britain and Ireland. BirdTrack provides facilities for observers to store and manage their own personal records as well as using these to support species conservation at local, regional, national and international scales.

The idea behind BirdTrack is that if you have been out birdwatching or simply watching the birds in your garden, records of the birds you have seen can be useful data. The scheme is year-round, and ongoing, and anyone with an interest in birds can contribute. You can enter details of your findings through the BirdTrack website or via apps for iPhone and Android mobiles.

An exciting recent development is the ability to record bird sightings for other countries as well as Britain and Ireland.

Many members of the WBC are actively involved in using BirdTrack and the the committee encourages all members to add their records. As may be expected, there is a bit of a learning curve involved with any new technology and so if you think you would like to use BirdTrack but would like a little help getting to grips with it, WBC member Patrick Barker has offered to host a training day – please register your interest by email to web@waveneybirdclub.co.uk.

You can find out further details at BirdTrack Home.