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Access For All Path – Exciting News!

July 19, 2019

Access For All Path – Latest News Dear all, I’m delighted to report that Kathy and Rob Gooderham recently attended an exciting meeting with our RSPB partners.  It was confirmed that all monies are secured and construction of the AFAP…

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Suffolk Swift Survey

June 7, 2019

pic: Doug M Dodds Help Survey Suffolk Swifts! Well, those that are coming back from their African winter are probably all now back, so the summer can start properly. Those lucky enough to have populations of Swifts screaming around the…

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Expired: BTO/JNCC Survey Opportunities in Suffolk

April 4, 2019

BTO Surveys in Suffolk: Opportunities to get involved Although there are probably more birders per square metre in Suffolk than most other counties in the UK, it’s not always easy for the BTO to get the coverage in terms of…

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Suffolk Rook Survey – Get Involved!

February 16, 2019

Suffolk Rook Survey – Get Involved! One of the most evocative sights and sounds of Suffolk winter mornings and afternoons are the noisy, black clouds of Rooks and Jackdaws commuting to and from their roosts and daytime feeding grounds –…

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Bird Brain 2017

March 25, 2017

The victorious BINS team, 2017 It’s that time again – when the great and good minds of Suffolk ornithology temporarily cease outdoing each other with their year lists, and bring it all down to a couple of hours at the…

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