Andy, Nick, John and Neal with the Birdbrain trophy - again!

Andy, Nick, John and Neal with the Birdbrain trophy – again!

The team from the British Trust for Ornithology kept their collective grip firmly on the Waveney Bird Club Birdbrains trophy for another year, beating the WBC team by 52 points to 34 in the final at Staithe Maltings on Feb. 16.

Four teams started the evening, coming in at the semi-finals stage, with RSPB Minsmere and the Bird Information Network Service (BINS) narrowly losing out on questions on bird song, eggs and nestlings, natural history and bird close-ups to the home team and the BTO. Last minute substitute for WBC Lee Gregory (for Mike Marsh) saw WBC safely through the final.

Scoring remained tight through the rounds on warblers, identification of Suffolk reserves, and birds of Suffolk. However, the BTO took an unassailable lead in the ‘What Bird am I?’ final round. A series of questions, each with decreasing points, slowly reveal the identity of a bird through its size, habitat, migration etc. drew astonished gasps from the audience as the BTO team of Nick Moran, John Marchant, Neil Calbrade and Andy Musgrove hit the right answer while many of the onlookers were still checking what a 60cm wingspan was by holding their hands apart…..

Chris McIntyre provided his usual sterling service in preparing the quiz and serving as question master, with Kathy performing as WBC’s answer to Carol Vooderman on the electronic scoreboard and Steve doubling the score security with his trusty paper and pencil version (unless it was just a bird list he was doing…..)

Audience participation rounds were won by Sue Alderman, with Jon Evans as raffle-meister – and a big thanks to Kathy for providing the supper!

The technology of computers, projectors, buzzers, scoreboard and PA system all held together too, so another winter social triumph for WBC (unless, of course, you count not actually winning it…..)


WBC: Andrew Green, Roger Walsh, Chris Allen, Lee Gregory

BINS: Scott Mason, Roy Marsh, Lee Woods, Craig Fulcher

RSPB: Jon Evans, Ian Barthorpe, Robin Harvey, Rachel Coombes

BTO: Nick Moran, John Marchant, Neil Calbrade, Andy Musgrove

WBC turns the Staithe Maltings into Caesar's Palace.....

WBC turns the Staithe Maltings into Caesar’s Palace…..