Bungay Swift Walk (and maybe swift pint…..) July 20th

In spite of the COVID pandemic, the Swifts have returned to Bungay as usual; and as usual, need counting before they fly back to Africa at the beginning of August.

So, virus not withstanding, we are planning once again to hold our Swift Walk on Monday July 20th, albeit in a different format. The ‘pint’ bit may be possible by then, but at the time of writing (June 23rd) we can’t anticipate this.

The Plan:

Five routes have been mapped out, hopefully hitting all the Swift hotspots, which converge on the Butter Cross in the middle of town from all the edges. The plan is to assemble groups who are willing to walk in from these points on prescribed routes, observing whatever distancing measures are recommended at the time, meeting up more or less at 7.30om at the Butter Cross, where we will compile the numbers.

Walk departure time will be 6.45pm; for those on slightly shorter routes (4 and 5) – take your time!

The routes are:

Route 1:

Beccles Road (Homestead Farm entrance) – Staithe Road – Trinity St – Butter Cross

Route 2:

St John’s Rd (Bungay Medical Centre) – Southend Rd – Laburnham Rd – Botolph St – Lower Olland St – St Mary’s St – Butter Cross

Route 3:

Flixton Rd (Pennyfields) – Boyscott Lane – Castle Lane and up to Castle – Butter Cross

Route 4:

Earsham St (bridge) – Outney Rd – Webster St – Chaucer St – Earsham St – Butter Cross

Route 5:

Bridge St (Smith’s Garage) – Nethergate St – Broad St – Butter Cross

  • What is important is that we don’t overcrowd, so numbers will be strictly limited to 4 on each route.
  • Obviously if a group of 4 can be assembled independently (e.g. a family) this would be ideal. However, we really do need to control this, so if you are interested, please email paddyshaw@talktalk.net where the groups will be assembled.
  • Please mention your preferred route, but accept that if that is already allocated, we may offer you an alternative.
  • If all places are already taken, we hope you will not be too disappointed and hopefully by next year we can do it again with less restriction.
  • We will contact you with confirmation ASAP and your email address will only be used for the purposes of this event.
  • It is suggested you allow 35-40 minutes to walk the routes, but by all means take longer if you want to.
  • Binoculars are not really necessary for Swift counting, but please bring them if you want to do some general birding along the route!