Access For All Path - Latest News

Dear all,

I’m delighted to report that Kathy and Rob Gooderham recently attended an exciting meeting with our RSPB partners.  It was confirmed that all monies are secured and construction of the AFAP is planned for September 2020. This is subject to planning approval, but discussions to date are extremely positive. Additional exciting news is that along with the path, improvements will be made to the East hide along with enhancements to the scrape area.  The idea being to offer more space and to bring nature closer to the hide for all to enjoy.

A public launch event designed to unveil the whole project is scheduled to take place on Sunday Sept 15th at 2pm – venue RSPB’s Discovery Centre.
Once “The Countdown to Construction” has begun, there will be monthly progress meetings and subsequent updates will be made available right up to the commencement of the works in Sept 2020.

We are hoping that you want to share this amazing day and represent WBC. We will have plans, etc., for all to view and, of course, offer refreshments followed by a guided walk along the North Wall to view the route of the path.

Best wishes,
WBC Committee