Swift Quiz

Try our short quiz about the Swift!

Every year recently, at about this time, Waveney Bird Club does what it can to highlight the plight of the Swift.

Those who don’t travel much, or don’t pay much attention to conservation headlines, BTO data etc. may wonder what the fuss is about.

After all, Beccles, Bungay, Harleston – all have their little squadrons of screaming Swifts barrelling down between the buildings, whipping up to their nests under pantiles, almost stopping mid-flight to delicately snap up a passing mosquito.

But this is not the national picture. Numbers have plummeted over the last 20 years and if the current decline continues, there will either just be isolated pockets of Swifts, or perhaps even none at all.

Perhaps if people knew more about them, they would do more to reverse this alarming decline?

In order to do this in an enjoyable way, we have constructed a short quiz.

Now, you birders may already know the answers to the 12 questions below – but you may not!

For everyone else, please have a go – it’ll take about 5 minutes, and there may be something about these fabulous little birds you might learn.

If you do, become a Swift-nerd, and tell everyone you know what you’ve found out tomorrow….

If you spread the interest and awareness, there may be a chance more folks will become Swifties, and start providing nest boxes, pressuring local councils and property developers and all the other things we’re going to need to start doing pretty quick….

Good luck!

(Photo: © Doug Mackenzie Dodds)

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