Talk by Chris McIntyre and Mark Crame – “Above and Below the Waves”

Tuesday 27 February

The gigantic Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet off South Africa’s Cape Coast and the cold, nutrient rich waters that upwell from around 200–300m depth in turn fuel high rates of phytoplankton growth and sustain the productive Benguela ecosystem. The mountainous seas, over a food-rich Continental shelf, attract an amazing diversity of seabirds such as majestic albatrosses, shearwaters and petrels that gather in their thousands. However, few of us would have much knowledge about what goes on below the waves, so we have two speakers that will give us an insight into both. Vice Chairman Chris McIntyre has been on several specialised pelagic trips and collected many wonderful images so the first half of the talk will be devoted to seabirds. Mark Crame along with WBC Member Alison Joseph explored South Africa’s underwater world. Together they swam with sharks without armouring and outside any sort of cage and, most obviously, have lived to tell the tale! Mark will be able to demonstrate the wonders of underwater life off South Africa that few of us will ever see with our own eyes.

The Maltings Sports Ground – Pirnhow Street, Ditchingham
7.30pm start